Cougar Cash Print Examples

I worked together with a BYU design team to create the copy and design concept for this marketing campaign.This campaign saw great results, with a tripling of product usage within a month of the campaigns start date.

It's Just Dinner

I made this a t-shirt design in Adobe Illustrator. The illustration is primarily done with the pen tool, the text is a stock font. The next post down shows the hand drawn rough draft for this image.

It's Just Dinner Rough Draft

This is the rough draft of the image you see above. As you can see good design work starts on paper, not on a screen.

Sweet Solutions Logo

This logo was designed using Adobe Illustrator. I used the pen tool, shape tool, and multiple shape modification techniques. The font for this brand is Avenir. (one of my favorite fonts)

Sweet Solutions Package

This is a package design for the Sweet Solutions Brand. This package design was achieved by marrying images across the Adobe Illustrator and InDesign platforms.

Seeing the Truth

Medium: acrylics

The little girl in this piece is painted in black and white as she represents the true values that  may be viewed as archaic and pointless by the world. The colored background is the world that surrounds us everyday, there is so much beauty but also so much chaos, and we must choose what parts of the world we will be partakers in. Upon looking closer one will notice that the little girl also wears colored glasses. this shows that although the world may not view her for what she really is she can see all things in their true and living color.

Atomic Assist Flier

This Flier was designed using Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop. The hard part about this flier was that the client had a lot of information to fit on one flier. Organizing that information was both fun and challenging. 

The Joy of Man

Mediums: colored pencil, pen, and gold leafing

In this piece Adam is shown as he is about to partake of the forbidden fruit. One will notice that the center blue portion is the garden of Eden which is a representation of the celestial kingdom of God, while the starry boarder is a representation of the telestial kingdom, or the state in which we currently live. As the fruit is observed it is seen that the vine of this fruit leads to the telestial existence. However, as the word joy is observed it is seen that joy overlaps on both the celestial realm as well as the telestial realm but its located more so in the celestial realm. The reason behind that is because man must experience both  types of existences to know joy, but he must also choose to live a celestial life if he is to ever know a fullness of joy.

Rexburg Temple

Mediums: water color and colored pencils

This is a picture of the Rexburg temple that I painted for my friends Bryce and Beki Call, when they were married there. The decorations on the Rexburg temple have a grain theme thus the grain in front of the temple.

Waterfall Eyes

Medium: acrylic

The inspiration for this piece was the eyes of a homeless man.

Moc Magazine Spread

This is a moc magazine spread about a new humanities building being built on BYU campus. I made this Layout using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop techniques.


Mediums: acrylic, water color tape, and colored pencil

This piece shows a woman who is labeled as insane by society. The scene around her is a view of what is going on in her head. The words written on the water color tape are her thoughts in word form. As one looks at this piece I would hope that they would try to gain a greater understanding of what the outcasts of society are going through and thinking. I also hope that this piece causes the viewer to ponder the treasures of knowledge that many of these outcasts have to offer.

Leaving Home

Medium: pencil

This is a quilt that my mom and my grandma made for me when I first went off to college.

Dumpster Divin' Diva Cover Art

This is the cover art for a music video that I produced. It was made using original images from the set of the video, along with Photoshop edits and filters from online sources.


Medium: Clay

This is the first sculpture I ever made. I did so without formal training on sculpting techniques.


Medium: watercolor

This is one of the first water colors that I painted